If you have ever tried to order pressed vinyl records for your music, you are aware of the extreme cost, long wait times, and high minimum orders associated with this format. As the demand for vinyl records (and the cost of pressing records) continues to grow, Pink Dress Studio offers an affordable, extremely cool alternative. Pink Dress lathe-cut records are made by hand, individually, and in real-time. We use 3 different record lathes from the 1940’s and 1950’s that have been restored and modified to achieve optimum fidelity. We prepare your audio files for the cutting process and cut your music into grooves on records. If you’ve purchased or heard lathe cut records in the past and were not happy with the fidelity of the medium, give Pink Dress a try. Nothing on the planet sounds like a pressed record, but we make some really great sounding lathe cuts.

Pink Dress lathe-cut records are truly made in Geneva, NY. The blank discs, the labels and all packaging are sourced from independent businesses located in Geneva. They are cut on Reed Street.

*We make… 7″, 10″, 12″ clear/black records, 7″ square records, picture discs and CD Records. No minimum order!

  • Fully-equipped, 300 sq. foot analog/digital recording studio
  • High quality lathe-cut recordings
  • Short-run independent record releases
  • On-site mobile record-lathing events
  • Record live to disc



Lathe-cut Records

Prices include lathe-cut record and paper dust sleeve. Contact us for options and prices regarding packaging including labels, custom designed discs and jackets, sleeves etc. We encourage unique and challenging orders!


Click on panels below to see record options and descriptions.

Square Records

Square Records (6min per side)
7” clear square double-sided- $7
7” square picture disc (clear one-sided record with picture on back)- $9

Round Records

Round Records
7”, 10”, and 12” discs available in clear, black, or custom designs
7” clear (6min per side)- $8
7” black (6min per side) -$9
10” clear (13 min per side) $10
10” black (13 min per side) – $11

Compact Disc Cuts

Send us a song or record a song in our studio and we’ll burn it to CD. We then put the CD on a lathe and cut the song on the back of the disc. These CD’s will play in your CD player and on your record player!
CD Cut disc- $6

Running Times/Additional Information

  We make 7″,10″, 12″ black or clear round records, 7″in square records, picture discs and CD Records. No minimum order!

*Because of the size of the blank, 12” records sometimes have higher surface noise on the outer grooves.

Approximate running time per side in minutes

  • CD Cuts- 20:00 min digital,  3:00 min  analog lathe cut
  • 7” (squares and discs) 6:00 max per side
  • 10” 12:00 max per side
  • 12” 16:00 max per side